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Implementing a pin-to-bottom scrolling element with only CSS

March 28, 2019 - web scroll-anchoring

Have you ever tried implementing a scrollable element where new content is being added and you want to pin the user to the bottom? It’s not trival to do correctly.

I recently worked on a new CSS feature called ‘scroll anchoring’ that shipped in Firefox 66 (for an introduction, check out my post on Mozilla Hacks or the summary on MDN).

While implementing this feature, Nicolas Chevobbe and I were debugging an issue and discovered that scroll anchoring can be used to create a pin-to-bottom scrolling element without any Javascript.

It’s a neat trick, so I thought I’d post the snippet here and explain how it works.


Scroll Anchoring in Firefox 66

March 28, 2019 - web scroll-anchoring

I wrote an article about the work on scroll anchoring that I did for Firefox 66.

Check it out!


Updated Blog

December 26, 2018 - web blog

I’ve been intending to write some new content on my blog, so I thought I should also update the site while I’m at it.


The first and most important change is https support. I’ve been a bit lazy here, but I finally decided to just do it.

This site is hosted on AWS as a static website. I followed this nice guide which describes how to use Cloudfront as a CDN for S3 to get https support.


EdgeHTML and control of the web platform

December 10, 2018 - web chrome

There’s been a lot of discussion this past week around Microsoft’s decision to abandon EdgeHTML and its implication on the future of the Web.

If you’ve missed this news, take a look at this post by Microsoft and this response by Mozilla.